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Administrative and antitrust disputes

Administrative disputes
  • on imposition of administrative sanctions;

  • on restatement of orders and judgements in the cases of administrative offences;

  • administrative disputes of public authority subjects on competence;

  • administrative disputes on the legality of regulations and rulings of public authorities on the issues of competence;

  • disputes arising during election campaign, referendum;

  • on tax collection, charges, other obligatory payments, fines and other tax disputes;

  • disputes in the field of customs affairs and customs regulation.

Antitrust disputes
  • expert examination of civil law relations against antitrust legislation;

  • assessment of business practices against antitrust legislation;

  • representation of the Client’s interests when considering cases in the antitrust authorities or in disputes with them in court;

  • support of the activities of participants in a bidding process in organized and holding tenders;

  • contract award appeal.

We provide onetime and permanent legal assistance in administrative and antitrust disputes.

Attorneys of our law office guarantee the quick work involvement, provide a complete analysis of your problem and work on possible options of risks reduction and form ways of resolving disputable issues.