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Vyacheslav Zemchikhin has working experience of practical jurisprudence in law enforcement establishment, as well as in legal services of Russian companies. He heads the Criminal Defense practice of “Fortis” Law office.

Vyacheslav is a credentialed expert of criminal law and criminal procedure law, as well as of tactics and strategies in criminal cases’ defense.

He managed the support of a large number of high-profile criminal cases, many of which ended successfully for his clients. He is a regular expert of business publications on criminal cases of economic orientation and official crimes.



  • Official and economic crimes defense

  • Appeal of judicial decisions in appeal and cassation instances, change and vacating of judgement

  • Development of a defense line in protecting against raiding


Vyacheslav’s clients are executives and senior leadership of companies, Russian and foreign companies, officials and heads of state and municipal authorities.

The Criminal Defense practice of “Fortis” Law office under the direction of Vyacheslav is recommended by rating – PRAVO.RU 300 2020– in criminal law.

Vyacheslav regularly improves his professional level. In addition, he is the speaker and moderator of professional conferences, the author of articles on criminal law and procedure.