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Fee Policy

The costs of our Clients depend on the nature of assistance we provide, and usually consist of two main blocks.

A Fee is a payment for the work we do for you. It depends on the amount of time we will spend dealing with your appointment, the irregularity and the urgency of the issue.

Additional expenses are legal costs: payment of fees and charges, in addition, the cost of the work of specialists and experts, as well as, transport and travel expenses.

Before we start working on your appointment, we analyze the materials you have submitted and provide an approximate estimate of the project budget.

According to the specifity of your appointment, we can offer you various forms of payment: one-time payment, monthly pay, hourly pay or mixed. At the same time, for any form of payment, we focus on the cost of an hour of our specialist, which varies from 2,500 to 10,000 rubles.